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our philosophy

Do you want to be healthier? Move without pain? Be in the best shape you have ever been?

Our goal is to create a professional and supportive training

environment that is backed by a strong community of trainers & trainees to enable you to achieve your goals.


We believe that fitness training can be professional and fun at the same time.


Our team is skilled, experienced and qualified. Our training facility is the best of its kind in the country with the latest equipment.


We invite you to join a community that doesn't believe in delivering any service that is less than perfects.


Our coaching staff will walk you through to your goals and beyond, regardless of your level. Our workouts are designed so that every workout is tailored to each level of fitness so that everyone can work out together and everyone gets the personal attention required.


Don't believe it?

Equipment for any workout

The best and most versatile equipment for CrossFit, functional fitness, strength, weightlifting and endurance that you can find

Fitness for life

We are not just a gym, we are a community building functional skills to give you a healthy, long, energetic life

Yoga and mobility

Yoga and mobility are key to feeling good and moving without pain and restriction. Join one of our yoga or mobility classes to stretch and relax

Showers and lockers

Whether you start or end your day with your workout, you can store your equipment in a locker and shower before you head off towards the rest of your day.

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